Enhance the socio-economic, cultural and health conditions of the masses in rural and urban areas.  
• Promote unity and brotherhood among the different sections of the communities so as to ensure a harmonious and dignified life for every one

• Enhance the social, economical, educational and cultural development of the poor and the most deserving needy, people with disabilities, neglected elders and children

• Facilitating the rural and urban men and women as organizations and self help groups towards achieving sustainable development goals through collective efforts

• Providing training on capacity building and vocational skills to the needy

• Facilitate programs to ensure all children enjoy their childhood and promote gender equality.

• Organize trainings, seminars, workshops and people’s rallies to create public opinion on social causes and to promote rightful and responsible citizenship.

• Promote responsible consumers with values and ethics through consumer awareness programs

• Facilitate people to lead a healthy life upholding social values and healthy habits

• Collaborate with the government to enhance access to government welfare schemes for the poor people to improve their quality of life.

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